Personal Brand Marketing for Service Providers who "sell the invisible"

There are three major problems if you provide a service:

1. Competition

You need to be unique and stand out in a distractive world where the consumer wants to instantly know who you are and if you can help them

2. Time

Because you exchange your time for money, you need to naturally attract perfect clients who like you and can see themselves working with you.

3. Money

Selling your expertise can be difficult to put a price tag on, you need to deliver a specialist service your clients trust is worth it. As a service provider you are competing for the attention of your prospective clients.

Can you be found? 

Can you instantly capture the attention of perfect prospects?
Do you engage with them so that they know, like and trust you?

Most service providers are stuck in a situation where there is not enough time, you are not getting paid your full value and you have no idea what can make you stand out from the crowd. You spend most of your time feeling lost and directionless when it comes to getting clients and if you do take action it’s normally ineffective knee-jerk reaction style marketing.

We want to change that for you.

The Ultimate Business Propellor is a three step program we have developed using over 25 years experience creating and managing brands. It is a specific process for service providers and consultants to develop a strong personal brand.

Position yourself as an expert in your field, naturally attract raving fan clients and get paid well for the outcome you deliver.

If you want to find direction and get the momentum your business needs, now is the time to build your personal brand and get a marketing action plan that rocket launches your business.

Ready To Rocket Launch Your Business?

As a service provider you are selling an outcome, a solution to a problem. You are exchanging your time for money and there are only so many hours in the day.

  • No time to think about brand or marketing?
  • No plan of attack or ideas to engage clients?
  • Lacking an on-line presence?
  • Need to find direction?
  • Want a point of difference?

The Ultimate Business Propellor Program is here to help you.

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When prospective clients interact with you and your brand, they are asking themselves just three questions:

  • Can what you do help me?
  • Do I like you enough to work with you?
  • Can I trust you will deliver what you promise?

Learn how to answer these questions instantly, with all of your branding, marketing & networking in 'Selling You' a new series of personal brand marketing books: